Internationalising SMEs often focus on developed markets, such as the United States or other European countries, because they offer both a big market to grow the business, but also a degree of the familiar.
Growing SMEs into businesses with global reach also means reaching out to emerging economies. And here, the unfamiliar can feel bigger and the potential market more intimidating.

The CUBE IN project aim is to help EU SMEs understand the opportunities, the culture and prepare themselves to do business within emerging economies.

Latest Doсuments on the CUBE IN Library

Webinar recoding: Global Virtual Management

  • Best Practices and tips to lead virtual teams
  • How to be a good manager across borders
  • Practical tools to make the mast of virtual meetings

Doing Business With the Indians

  • Tips to maximize the ROI of your trip to India
  • Must know When negotiating in India
  • Meeting behavior and etiquette
  • Do’s and Do’ts

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This project is funded by EASME and executed by a consortium of three companies: ICUnet.AG, Technopolis Group, and Hofstede Insights. We are experts in unlocking cultural mores, bringing you to better value chains.

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